Content Policy

Content Policy

The following regulations are specially customised and designed for all users of ASKPERT and to ensure that our platforms are an environmental conscious, healthy, harmonious and superior quality social media medium for information sharing purposes.

All users must abide by the following regulations, otherwise they will be sanctioned. The severity of such sanction) will be comprehensively assessed by ASKPERT’s officials based on myriad objective factors such as the intent of the violation, the time of the violation and the subject of the violation.


Definition of Violations in ASKPERT
1. Any anti-government behaviours are strictly prohibited. For example:-

  • Any violation of any basic principles established under the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.
  • Any acts or behaviours of inciting the racial hatred, racial discrimination, and undermining racial unity.
  • Any acts or behaviours which is abusive, insulting, intimidating, harassing and/or which incites violence, hatred or discrimination against individuals or groups identified by a specific set of characteristics.
  • Any acts or behaviours of quashing the national religious policies and promoting cults or feudal superstitions.
  • Any acts or behaviours which causing the damage to national honour or interests.
  • Any acts or behaviours which endangers the national security, leaks of state secrets, subverts the state power, or disrupts national unity.
  • Any acts or behaviours which spreads the rumours, disrupts the social order or undermines social stability.
  • Any acts or behaviours which spreads violence, terrorism, or instigates crime.
  • Any acts or behaviours which incites the illegal assemblies, associations, processions, demonstrations, and gathering people to disrupt social order.
  • Any public discourse of other political topics that may cause or have caused adverse effects.


2. It is strictly prohibited to write any contents that violates any laws, regulations and our platform policies. For example:-

  • All drug-related contents include (but not limited to)drug samples, drug taking performances and methods of inhaling or injecting drugs, explaining the drug production process, and etc.
  • It is strictly prohibited to promote information about gambling/casino, drugs, prostitution, and etc.
  • No eroticism, excessive nudity, and etc.
  • Any organisation advocacy, publicity or any act or behaviour of inducing users to join Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) (or any operations similar to MLM businesses) are prohibited.
  • No critical reviews about any disabled persons, soldiers, police and officials.


3. It is strictly prohibited to publish any advertising information. E.g.:

  • Any advertisements for gambling, charging on behalf, fan popularity on sale, adult products, guns, sabres, adult videos, sex products, health products, cigarettes, illegal drugs, and etc., but not limited to the above contents.


4. Infringement of legal rights of others. For example:-

  • The infringement on the privacy of others and endanger the public interests. For instance, disclose personal information such as the ID, name, address, telephone number and other private information of others, without the consent of the person concerned.
  • The unauthorised use of pictures, texts, videos, audios, etc. to promote other review platforms or brokerage companies of the same type.
  • Pretend to be an official personnel or use a nickname to that of an official personnel to post any comments, private messages or other forms of communication channels to any Users.

Content Regulations

Content Regulations

  • It is strictly prohibited to write review with obscene, provocative headlines or any improper cover images that lead to discomfort of users.
  • Review contents which with the intent of improperly harassing others is strictly prohibited.
  • It is strictly prohibited to promote violence or hatred. The promotion of hatred on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation, or content that is intended to bully, threaten, or harass others.
  • Strictly no pornographic contents include (but not limited to) full exposure of any private parts including genitalia, breasts and buttocks; and sexual intercourse, or nay other sexual act, regardless of whether private parts are visible.
  • It is strictly prohibited to spread information that infringes on the intellectual properties or any other rights of others, such as the content which is not authorised by the legal right holders, any clip or scene from copyright-free images/videos, other image/video websites, review platforms and etc.
  • The publishing of false information and fraudulent contents is strictly prohibited.
    Any contents that endangers the personal safety of the others. For example: beating others, threatening others with weapons, and etc.
  • Strictly no contents that endangers your own safety. For example: self-mutilation, committing suicide and etc.
  • Strictly no contents that endangers animal lives and health. For example: animal abuse and etc.
  • It is strictly prohibited to conduct any other illegal, infringing, or life-threatening review contents.


Content Write Ups Regulations

  • It is strictly prohibited to use insulting, offensive, or discriminatory language, or to disclose the privacy of others.
  • It is strictly prohibited to promote other platforms of the same type (including but not limited to text, pictures, videos, etc.).
  • Any behaviour that is suspected to persuade, induce, encourage, or incite Users stop using the ASKPERT platform or transfer to other platforms is strictly prohibited.


Content Disruptions to the ASKPERT’s operation

  • It is strictly prohibited to publish or disseminate any false, transactional, harassing content or any advertising content without the official consent of ASKPERT.
  • It must be timely or promptly for users to report those who post any illegal or explicit advertisements on any review contents.
  • It is strictly prohibited to spread or publish rumour in any form.
  • It is strictly prohibited to publish borrowings, loans, passwords from others, or other property-related consultations.

Review Guidelines

No idea how to write a good review? Here are some simple criteria that could lead you to contribute extremely useful reviews to the community.


  • An image speaks a thousand words

Clear images/videos are able to grab user’s attention to read your reviews because they are intending to see how likely are the product/service/place you have experienced at clearer visual representation from different angles.


  • Be informative

Either you had an pleasant or awful experience, users would like to know more details about it, so open up! Long reviews are much more valuable and meaningful to others rather than shorter ones. Long reviews mean comprehensive details with specific highlights or useful advice about a product/service/place (pros and cons). Contribute informative reviews will not only help out users in their purchasing journey, but also elevate your views! So take some time to write your review and have some pride in it, do it well and it could help someone!


  • Be polite, civil and friendly

Don’t use offensive words nor upload offensive images/videos if you really had a bad experience of such product/service/place. You may voice out your rational opinions and suggestions of how likely should a merchant makes improvement politely. Everyone has a chance to learn, improve, and build up their skills – Tom Peters. If you do so, your review may be hidden.


  • Review content is relevant with images/videos

ASKPERT is an informative review platform. Please contribute informative reviews include your post-experiences about a product/service/place. Uploading “selfies” or “wefies” or irrelevant images/videos along with your quotes are absolutely not suitable on ASKPERT. If you do so, your review may be hidden.